Plans for the future

20% Of BNBGO Minted

Rewards and Coupons

All BNBGO holders will receive weekly coupons and discounts to the Bread & Barley Restaurant.
This will be done via email so that rewards can be distributed and redeemed with our current technology. Plans to change in the future will be decided as a community using the DAO.

30% Of BNBGO Minted

Tools to understand the rarity of each BNBGO

Sites like rarity.tools offer convenient search function to see which NFT have rare traits. We will have BNBGO up on rarity.tools with rarity ranking listed.

50% Of BNBGO Minted

Members Discord

BNBGO Members discord and public discord.

75% Of BNBGO Minted

Planned Events

Virtual MetaVerse events and in real life events will be held for BNBGO holders.

100% Of BNBGO Minted

Launch DAO

The DAO will be launched.

DAO Voting

Blue Chip Purchase

We will start the DAO off by all voting on which NFTs to purchase and add to the treasury. Each BNBGO NFT will give access to a single vote.

Ever evolving Utility

Using the DAO system gives us access to evolving utility

A DAO makes sure that only the holders of BNBGO can make decisions and together we can decide what best utility everyone wants to see. Some ideas can be staking, raffle prizes, food menu options, and more.