What is BNBGO

Bread&Balrey Generation One

WAGMI AKA We All Gonna Make It

Good to know: We give coupons in our email list just by coming in the bar and using the wifi!
The Bread&Barley Generation One is a collection of 10,000 unique generative art pieces living in the MetaVerse on the Polygon Matic Blockchain. With more than +100 traits that are common, un-common, rare, and super rare. This is your key to unlock exclusive access and rewards in the BNB metaverse and beyond. Welcome to one of the best beer communities in SoCal and the metaverse.

WAGMI With Utility

Good to know: BNBGO holders will get extra rewards sent to them via email so that they can claim the rewards instantly at the bar.
We started with a simple question; how do WAGMI (We All Gunna Make It) in a world filled with uncertainties. In Bread & Barleys case the goal is to tie the digital Meta world to the tangible physical world. We will achieve this by purchasing "Blue-Chip" NFTs that would be out of budget of 1 individual, but within our collective budget. All BNBGO holders will be part owners of the collective and get exclusive access to DAO voting rights, exclusive events, part ownership of "Blue-Chip" NFTs, and custom-made physical goods.

The Big Dao

DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. As the name suggest, DAO, is a blockchain technology that is completely revolutionizing organizations and the distribution of power. In order for us to purchase these "Blue-Chip" NFTs we as a community will vote on it together. DAOs are controlled through smart contracts that exist on the blockchain. This means the code will be opensource and immutable, everyone can trust the code.

BNBGO NFTs Will Unite the Community

We are still and will always be a pub grub classic with a Bread&Barley twist. We want to enhance the experience here at Bread&Barley by being a part of the Metaverse and creating BNBGO NFTs. Holders of BNBGO will have access to events that will bring the holders of BNBGO together in real life and in the MetaVerse.