Why Bread&Barley Needs NFTs

Problems With Global Situations

We have been making every effort to maintain a safe working environment for our employees and our customers. Without a constant flow of traffic, and being able to market for your business keeping the doors open becomes harder. By integrating Blockchain Technology into our business we can raise more capital to ensure our employees have safe and consistent working environment. By minting and owning a Bread&Barley Generation One NFT you're keeping our restaurant open and safe for you and our employees. Below are just some of the problems we have to face and why we need you.
Carlos Roman, owner of Bread and Barley's in Covina, California, used his truck to blockade the car of a public health inspector who issued a 'Notice Of Closure' order to Roman's restaurant for defying covid restrictions on outdoor dining.

CA Restaurant Owner Issued 'Notice Of Closure' Order For Allegedly Defying Outdoor Dining Ban

The Daily Caller's Jorge Ventura spoke with restaurant owner Carlos Roman of Bread & Barley in Covina, California. Roman was issued a "notice of closure" by the public health department for allegedly defying the outdoor dining ban in Los Angeles County.

'We Are Trying To Survive': Restaurant Owner Sued By LA County Allegedly Violating Covid Restriction

Carlos Roman, Owner of 'Bread & Barley' in Covina, California is being sued by Los Angeles Superior Court for alleging violating emergency health orders.